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Data Logger/Temperature Meter Squirrel OQ610

Battery operated monitoring/recording temperature for up to 6 temperature probes

Flat Removable Lids

Stainless Steel as included with baths

Pasto Water Bath

26 litre insulated water bath with 3 programmable pre-set temperature settings, audible countdown alarm from 1-999...

Polypropylene Spheres (SV-PS20)

Minimises evaporation and heat loss

SV-TK Thermometer Kit and Cary Case

Ensures accurate temperature measurement of core temperature of food

SVD S Bath Divider

For 12 and 26 Liter baths

Temperature Probe

For Squirrel OQ610

Vortice immersion circulator

Universal stirred heater attaches to any pot up to 50 litres, use rotor dial or one of three programmable pre-set...


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